Homestead Creatives is a premier artist agency and production company based in Austin, Texas.


Shannon McMillan

agent & producer

With a background in photography and advertising, Shannon McMillan is idealy suited as co-founder, agent and producer of Homestead Creatives. She has what it takes to successfully work with high profile and demanding global clients including BMW, Caesars Entertainment, Southwest Airlines, and Kohler, amongst others. Having been an Art Producer at GSD&M in Austin for over 15 years, Shannon is well connected. Her ability to work with talented high-profile photographers and integrated production teams in a variety of shooting situations, proves she understands the multi-layered relationships between artist and client, expertly managing true collaborative productions, resulting in extremely successful campaigns - with integrity at all levels.



Homestead Creatives LLC
P.O. Box 151987
Austin, TX 78715
(512) 842-7683
[email protected]



The Austin advertising and movie industry is growing fast, changing dramatically over the past 15 years. More agencies and film directors from all over the United States are shooting in Austin, increasing demand for local professional artists.

Established in 2014, Homestead Creatives is meeting that demand by representing Austin-based photographers, illustrators, make-up stylists, wardrobe stylists, prop stylists, producers etc. Our job is to help artists access this additional work and grow their individual businesses. Our job is also to enable outside production houses to quickly and easily access a full complement of artists for their production. We are the only full service artist representation agency and production company in Austin to date, making us the resource in the industry for any or all production and art buying needs. We specialize in representing Austin-based artists, but our client reach is nationwide and some day, will be worldwide.



To represent Austin-based artists and productions, and ensure a thriving artist industry that gives Austin a reputation for quality work.
To continuously meet new contacts and cultivate useful relationships with people and companies in our industry so that Homestead Creatives' artists are well connected nationally.
To showcase Austin talent to a wider audience through nationwide promotion of the artists we represent.
To offer Austin-based artists high level ‘opportunity management’ services.