Great image creation is the result of a great team. Homestead Creatives can offer production services to the artists within its family, as well as to outside clients. Whether you have chosen one or our photographers to commission, previously selected your artists and crew, are a photographer/director yourself in need of production, or are in need of sourcing and triple bidding photographers, we can help. We handle large and small jobs alike.

Create a team with a Homestead photographer, producer, stylist, etc. as large or small as you need. Homestead Creatives will take care of the details, ensuring everyone is there, with the right equipment, in the right places, at the right time so you can spend more time on what you do best.



Crew Recommendation, Sourcing and Booking
Freelance Art Buying: Triple Bids, Budgeting and Negotiating
Catering Services
Prop Sourcing and Rental
On Set & Project Management
Location Sourcing, Booking, and Negotiating
Schedule Design and Liaison
Forms, Releases, Permits & Insurance
Talent Casting, Booking, and Negotiating
Travel Arrangements